Forklift Chain Guide

How do I determine which chain I should purchase?

The chain that you need can be determined by a numbering system, included in the reference below:
Please download and open our forklift chain quick reference guide to find the chain that you need. There is a glossary of the terms used in this guide at the bottom of this article.
Please Note: We are unable to accept returns on cut chain.

Chain Glossary:
Pitch is the distance between two pins in in each link of chain.

BL chain is the most common type of chain. It is featured in the first 6 pages of this guide.
AL chain is not common. The difference is the plate thickness which leads to an overall chain width difference.

  • AL chain in a sheave designed for BL chain will slide side-to-side
  • BL chain will be too wide for an AL sheave

Master Link: The master link part number is the right-most number in the grid in this chain guide.
NOTE: Do not use a master link to repair leaf chain.
Anchors and Pins: Pins are case hardened steel and are specific to chain and anchor type.