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Buying & Shipping Paint

How many square feet does a gallon of paint cover? 

One gallon of paint can cover typically 250-400 square feet. 

How many square feet does a 12oz aerosol spray paint cover?

It is very difficult to estimate coverage for spray paint, as it varies depending on range, temperature, coverage, color, and the surface of what you are painting. You will get better coverage on metal than wood, for example. Some people estimate 8-10 sq. feet of coverage, and some estimate 18-25 sq. feet. Estimates vary greatly. 

Can you ship paint via Air?

No, we can only ship gallons of paint and spray paint via our Ground Shipping options. We cannot ship gallons of paint to CA, however, due to regulations. 

Can you ship gallons of paint to California?

No, state regulations prohibit us from shipping gallons of paint to California. We can, however, ship aerosol cans of paint. 

Can you ship gallons or spray paint to AK or HI?

No, we are not able to ship gallons nor spray paint to AK or HI. Paint is considered a ""hazardous"" material, and we are not able to ship it.