Core Return Policy

CORE CHARGES apply to purchases of REMANUFACTURED items.

A remanufactured item saves you this "core" cost by allowing you to return the worn item which has residual value to the original equipment manufacturer. A "core" deposit is a value placed on the housing and rebuildable components of the item which you are purchasing. You are required to make a deposit on this item which will be credited back to you contingent on the return of your existing worn item. You must return your worn component inside the box and packing materials which are to be shipped to you. Packing materials should be kept in their original condition and should not have been allowed to get wet from rain water, cooling water, motor oil or other automotive fluids. Items containing oil or fluid MUST be drained! The core must be in a condition which is deemed "normal wear and tear". Return freight costs are not included in the pricing of a remanufactured item. Return freight costs will be an additional expense to you. Core return credits are subject to our review and acceptance of the condition of the core item returned to us.

Core Return Directions and Guidelines

  • Cores with cracked housings, broken shafts, or broken major components will not be accepted for credit. Cores must exhibit normal wear and tear conditions
  • Cores must be drained of internal fluids. This is to reduce risk of spills which could become an environmental hazard during shipping
  • Cores should be "reasonably" cleaned of exterior oil, grease, and dirt.
  • Cores should be wrapped in plastic when repacked for shipment. A garbage bag is perfect for this requirement. Wrapping your core helps to keep residual fluids from leaking from the package during shipment.
  • All original packaging must have been kept in original condition. Your packaging should not have been left out in the rain nor should it have been allowed to become soaked with service oils or other fluids.
  • Cores must be returned in the same container that the remanufactured unit was shipped in or be subject to a $100.00 charge.
  • Pack some paper or scrap cardboard inside the box to help keep the item from shifting during shipping transportation.
  • YOU MUST enclose the packing list that was emailed to you inside the box before securing it so that your return can be identified properly when received at our warehouse. This assures that we receive proper credit for your return.
  • Securely tape your package closed.
  • PLEASE mark the outside of your box clearly and in large lettering with the words "CORE RETURN". This helps make sure that your package remains identified within the warehouse as a core and this item will not be returned to stock and shipped to another customer as a replacement item.
  • Please use a shipping carrier that provides package tracking capability. Both UPS and FedEX provide this service and package tracking is a "low-cost" shipping option available at the local Post Office. Package tracking is extremely helpful to resolve any dispute whether or not this package has been returned properly to the warehouse and gives you a record of the return date.
  • You are responsible for return freight costs. Please select your service of choice.
  • Please email your package tracking information to us at so that we may assist you with the expediting of your return credit.
  • Please allow about ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days for your credit be processed once your package is received by the warehouse.
  • Your credit will be issued against the original credit card or PayPal account which was provided to us at the time you placed the order.

Core Returns - Frequently asked Questions

I want to purchase a part on your website but I noticed there is a core deposit required. What is a core deposit and why am I being charged for this? Certain products can be reconditioned, recycled, or remanufactured to OEM standards for future sale and use. The components that are to be remanufactured have a core deposit. This deposit is fully refundable when a customer returns the “core.” In short, the “core” is your old part. Send us your old part and the core deposit will be refunded to you. Shipping charges to return a core are the responsibility of the customer and are not refundable.

How do I return a "core"? Please click here to start a core return. All core returns must be assigned a Return Authorization Number, and we will provide an address for you to ship your core. Once you have confirmed you will return the core, there is a 1-2 day turnaround period for to provide the return address. Please Drain any fluids from the part and seal the part in a properly secured plastic bag. The following conditions may cause a core to be rejected by the manufacturer:

  • Broken or dented parts.
  • Stripped threads or ports.
  • Mounts or housings that are damaged, cracked, or unusable.
  • Extensive rust or corrosion.
  • Missing, unoriginal, or disassembled parts.

How soon will I get my core deposit refunded? Core refunds can take up to 45 days to process. Once a refund has been issued it can take 24-72 business hours to reflect depending on your bank. Core returns are not charged restock fee.