Freight Forwarder Setup Guide

How to set up a freight forwarder?

  • Pick your Freight Forwarder (there is a list below.)
  • We cannot arrange a Freight Forwarder for you.
  • Arrange transport, customs, tariffs, and documents with the freight forwarding company.
  • is NOT able to provide documentation for customs.
  • We will provide a packing slip only, which will have weight.
  • We will not have the box dimensions ahead of time.
  • Go online to purchase your order.
  • Place your items in the cart.
  • List the freight forwarder’s address in the "Shipping Address" area on the checkout page.
  • Note: You will need to pay for domestic shipping to the Freight Forwarder in some cases. Domestic Rates Apply (For qualifying orders over $600, you will receive free shipping.)

When do I need a Freight Forwarder?

  • Your order total exceeds $2,500
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited does not ship to your country

What is a freight forwarder?

To comply with export documentation and shipping requirements, many exporters utilize a freight forwarder to act as their shipping agent. The forwarder advises and assists clients on how to move goods most efficiently from one destination to another. A forwarder’s extensive knowledge of documentation requirements, regulations, transportation costs and banking practices can ease the exporting process for many companies. The Federal Maritime Commission licenses U.S. forwarders for ocean operations, and some U.S. forwarders are affiliated with global organizations like the International Air Transport Association.

How can I find freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders are located in most metropolitan areas. Local business telephone listings often feature a freight forwarder or transportation heading. Additionally, the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America will provide exporters with information on their members. They can be reached at:

1200 18th Street, NW

Suite 901

Washington, DC 20036

Tel: (202) 466-0222

Privately operated forwarder listing services can be useful when looking for a local forwarder. The following websites have listings:

Disclaimer: For customers using a freight forwarder, will be excluded from any legal obligation once the freight forwarder signs for the receipt of the goods.